Reward Points

Reward System

FaucetPay now has a reward system so that you can increase your earnings by accumulating reward points and then encashing them for real money or powerups. If you're looking to make some extra income, this is the right opportunity for it!

Reward Points are minted by:

1. For every 600 Satoshis wagered in Bitcoin (or equivalent in other currency) gets you 10 RP.
2. For every 200 USDP earned at offerwall gets you 10 RP.
3. For every $0.25 earned (from referred users) at FaucetPay (only) gets you 10 RP.
4. For every $1 you exchange at FaucetPay gets you 10 RP.
5. Creating a Sponsored Listing and PTC Ad gets you a variable amount of RP, generally based on the size of the ad-campaign.
6. You receive 1 to 100 RP daily for logging into your account.

Power-ups are activated instantly after the payment. They last for 24-hours.


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