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Бегите с этой помойки!
Сделал два перехода и оба на вредоносные сайты.

:)) you make me laugh. Your account suspended for this reason. You never make a deposit to advertise , was a bug in system and what you do ? You created 20 ads with 1000000 views for each add. And you didn't bother to report. I think is a fair ban for you. And you never send an email. I don't like lairs like you . I hate when users are lying , admit and you make peace with me.

ёбанная мразина

Bro you can contact him on telgram @bitsfree ok i think he is trusted

Stole more than 50000 Sats at a price over 10000k $per BTC which I had deposited for advertising. Reason: Admin had set wrong prices (too low) PTC prices on dogebitsfree and I started adverstising for too low prices. Althhough I sent him several mails to make him aware of his own mistake and offered him to pay a part of the difference he did not react but banned me on both sites. Be careful