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I really like !

i cant reach their Website since an Error 522 occurs just a day after I invested money in them. Please inform me when will this Server error can be solved? or not is this just a Scam Faucet website. Waiting for response, Thanks.

Nose que ha pasado pero en mi cuenta tengo 6700 coins y cuando intente iniciar secion puse mi email y me dice que no acepta un email con mas de 30 caracteres y mi email es largo pero al principio si lo acepto ahora me dice que no lo acepta porque tienes mas de 30 caracteres quisiera ayuda no puedo iniciar secion .

are you ready?

Jempol harus lincah

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I like fucen
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this site suddenly changed the appearance of the web, there is a possibility that it has changed owner. similar to what happened on click cash and cryptoflare sites. In conclusion, this site is hard to believe. Join disini cuma buang buang waktu alias wasting time!!

Bnyk yg di blockir tiba2 secara gak jelas anjink lah sama aja gw kena blokir gajelass... Admin gabisa di hubungin!!! Fuckkkkkk... Scammmm??!!

Admin never read my complain on telegram.. why gwaher block me..?? I dont make mistake and never created the same account..