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Starfaucet.net - Starcoin allows you to claim all your favourite coins in one place. We have multiple ways for earning including Daily Bonus, Shortlinks Wall, PTC wall, Offerwalls, Autofauct, Manual Faucet, Tasks, Mining, Leaderboard, Watch the video...

Right now we support 7 coins - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and DigiByte

For using our faucet you need to create a free account and verify your email. Every new user receives 100 STARs as a signup bonus and after that, you can start claiming from our faucets. We have minimum withdrawal limits and right now minimum are:

- For Dogecoin withdraws: 10 DOGE

- For Bitcoin withdraws: 500 Satoshis

- For Litecoin withdraws: 0.005 LTC

- For Ethereum withdraws: 0.005 ETH

- For Dash withdraws: 0.005 DASH

- For Bitcoin Cash withdraws: 0.0025 BCH

- For DigiByte withdraws: 100 Dgb

always lucky

good for earning

Im the owner of Starcoin faucet and if someone have any problem please contact me via chat, Support ticket or Contact form and problem will be resolved.
- Chat is integrated on every page of the website
- Support Ticket form can be find in Contact us section
- And Contact us form can be find here: https://starfaucet.net/Contact-us/
Thank you for understunding and have a nice day

this faucet is good for earning

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