Ptc and offerwall website

Un merveilleux site . Mes compliments


I believe this website to become successful,popular and more power.

Niceee good nycccc

Very Nice ?

Oke oke oke oke okw

Access denied, faucet administrator is not using a whitelisted IP to access the API. What can I do now plz some one guide me I can't do withdral of my tokens.

It loads slowly and crashes constantly errors .???????? ???????? ? ???????? ????????? ?????? .
? ?? 1 ?????? ?????? ? ?????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ??????? ??????.and it gives out 1 stoshka and the monitor will burn more energy for half a day.

Voy a registrarme para ver como me va y luego les comento

Cok begendim guzel