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nice faucet

Wawwww keren sekali aku bisa mendapatkan 50 bitcoin melalui web bitcoinstar

Very hard faucet must 100.000.000 satoshi collect. But small collect. Why not faucet pay created maining all user faucet pay to collect every day with GHS not created gambler for lose user

Siempre sirve un buen grifo


It's the best and easiest. Keep it up. But currently no satoshi left in your faucet for more than 12 hours. Otherwise we don't have to think of any other faucet. Keep up the good service.

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wow.. it work well. but provide 1Sathosi per min, its waste if the site give mininum 50Sathoshi per as worth for doing it.
this site work but not give worthfull

excelente pagina..